EDUQ Association a non-profit youth organization founded in 2008. It was established on the basis of the Youth Voluntary Club and our members are mainly youth workers and young volunteers. Our aim is to stimulate comprehensive development of children, youth  and youth workers as well.

The main goals of the Association are: 

-propagation of  non formal education,

- promotion of  European awareness, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue, with particular emphasis on youth mobility youth participation and equal opportunities,

- employment promotion,

 - encouraging voluntary activities of different type;

- developing initiatives in the field of youth, cultural, social, sport and artistic initiatives;

- exchange information and experiences with other organisations that operate in the same field of activities;

- implementation and participation in regional, national and international projects in the field of youth and non-formal education;

- organising training activities in order to diffuse the knowledge about European opportunities amongst youngsters, local organisations, schools and enterprises.

We cooperate with other NGOs (local and international), local authorities, volunteers.