The District Kunst- und Kulturforderung is located on the grounds of a former maithouse in Berlin Tempethat, an industrial area very close to the center of Berlin and the former airport Tempelhof. The aim of our platform is to pro-mote art and culture, in particular national and international artists and artist collectives that reflect contemporary issues from a critical position. The focus of our interest rests on artistic ideas that deal with urban space and forms of its appropriation as well as a new understanding of social issues. District supports artists during the pro-duction and presentation of work and offer an interdisciplinary space for thought and work to realize experiments and exchange information.
One focus of our engagement is the promotion of young cultural producers and artists. The studio grant program concentrates explicitly on the promotion of contemporary female artists. Since 2010, District awards one studio grant to a professional female artist who represents a reflective and marked-independent position.
Another focus of our work is creating and organising experimental exhibitions with young visual artists from the fields performance, video art and installation. The project 'Euro Dynamics" is an initiative which is very much rep-resenting Districts aim to stimulate interdisciplinary and international discourses about social and urban issues.