SuMuP Culural Association is an initiative of a multi-cultural group of young and ambitious people that are passionals for culture and arts. If aims lo create an international cultural/artistic network that enhances mobility and interaction between different cultures al local levels.
Most of the SuMuP founders are professional artists that had already participated in several cultural/artistic projects before they de-cided fo net up an organization. Despite coming from different cultures with plenty of creative ideas. they share the more vision in re-lation to the importance of arts and cultural diversity, which led them to establish an association and work together as a team. They seek to organize events, exhibitions, concerts and theatre shows (or the integration of all these) as well as creating a virtual platform, a meeting point for colt nd artists where they can share ideas and initiate further collaborations.
This multi-cultural collaboration provides an opportunity for artists to gain a unique experience that will add a new .colour" to their works and positively influence their future artistic prosecution. In the meantime SuMuP believes that art is an extremely efficient com-munication channel, providing a great opportunity fo raise awareness of the concept of sustainability and resilience.
Therefore, the SuMuP events audiences and their platform's visitors have fhe opportunity to enjoy their integrated multi-cultural per-formances; reach different cultures, traditions and their heritage; and receive information on sustainable development.
SuMuP bears the potential of becoming a link between international events in which each country seeks to introduce its culture through its artist.