Our Foundation is mainly a platform for master degree artists for get connected with public more easily. In the same time a platform for companies and individuals too who like to find values on there own way without of guiding them by marketing tools. On our programs, exhibitions and forums the society can interact with the arts in a non conventional way. And searching for natural methods of integrating the tools of free arts into the most critical segments of our society. In a classical European model or in each specific cultures like the Hungarian, interactive arts are undeveloped opportunities for individuals to get themselves out from closed minded and isolated life style.

In the same time our other mission is to move out hided artworks from forgotten corners of studios to public spaces just like schools, hospitals, offices etc. We exhibit and share artworks, and we create cured exhibitions or collections for orders without of for profit activity. This means that with a little help art can reach more minds to help our society to a more free and more spiritual model through giving a useful solution to each individual who can be opened by our artist's activities.

We believe in free social interactions, free acting and free communication.

In these unusual days of the Hungarian culture the values in which we believe are extremely important and our activity in performing live act in the live society is more powerful and helpful than normally.

We concentrate on generating the power of free arts, socially sensitive painting, literature and music performed live on socially sensitive parts of daily life and in impressive and unusual ways. Freedom and positivity is the message what we have to remind our society through arts we the cooperation of international European art colony.