Eurodynamics artists got inspired during the training and they started composing songs and shooting different videoclips. Besides the audio video works, tangible art pieces were also born after the project. This panting was done by Polish street artist, Patryk Łukaszuk after his experience in Florence, Italy.


Hereinspaziert! is a german performance-project realised by keinAkt, a cultural oganisation located in Berlin. Since one of keinAkt's curators participated in Eurodynamics, they started a collaboration with other Eurodynamics artists to organise workshops and performances at klunkerkranich in July 2014, which was part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival Berlin.


The Encounter short video was produced during the Eurodynamics preparation week in Sloveina with the participation of Milan Schruff, Ales Szabo, Eva Nad, Jan Horvat, Aron Horvath, David Solaric, Marco Vallini, Endre Vazul Mandli, Misi Stampah and Tjasa Feher. Click here to .watch the final video.


The Nyiki-nyiki music video-clip hopefully will be the next pop hit in Hungary. It was composed randomly in Berlin by the participating artists of Eurodynamics Germany. The shootings were done in cornfields in Hungary and Slovenia where the members joined again and had a great time together. The final video will be soon uploaded.

musical compositions

During the preparations several musicians composed great songs together for the Eurodynamics performances. After the project the artists went back home and recorded these songs and sometimes they made videos too. One of this is "I'm just going to change" by F. Villalobos Y El Cirguero. Watch the videclip on youtube.

ikh tours

Inbred Knucklehead, the Roman band started touring in Slovenia and Hungary after two members of the band, Marco Vallini and Kristian Mellergaard Hansen participated EuroDynamics Slovenia/Hungary. They went on their first Slovenian/Hungarian music tour in 2013 summer, which they repeated in 2014. Visit the IKH Website.


Francisco Villalobos Santos, the most active Eurodynamics artist, held an exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes Budapest in Hungary in February, 2014. On the opening, two other Eurodynamics musicians, Zsófia Mészáros and El Cirguero José Miguel Guzmán joined him and performed as well. Click on this link to see the summary of the exhibition.

Donau Dynamics

The little brother of the EuroDynamics project is the Donau Dynamics, which took place in 2014 May in Romania where 4 artists participated from the Danube region countries (Austria, Hungary, Germany, Romania) to do a performance on the Bookfest (RomExpo in Bucharest). The performance was a great success and other episodes will follow.

parafusions gigs

The Italo-Hungarian group, Parafusions started touring Slovenia after they participated Eurodynamics Slovenia and started collaborations with the members of the Slovenian organization. They first played there in 2013 summer sand were also invited to do a workshop in 2014 summer. Watch some Parafusions videos on youtube.

ed video

Francisco Villalobos Santos, who participated five out of the total of six Eurodynamics preparation weeks and performances, summarized and made a video of the EuroDynamics performances illustrating it by drawings and images. The images highlight and represent some important events and activities that characterized each Eurodynamics preparation week and performance. Click on this link to see the summary of eurodynamics with illustration.