Italy , Firenze

Teatro Everest
 Via Volterrana
4/b - 50124
 Florence, Italy
Date: 20 April
 2013 at 21:00

Management : Endre Vazul Mandl', Ehsan Mehrbakhsh, Francesca Merli, Marco Vallini, Silvia Montaquila, Alessandro Cosentino

Special thanks to : Alessia Battaglia 'photography, creative direction), Kelly Mangiantini (video recording) Director: Francesca Merli

Artists : Germany - Johannes Oster, Adir Tekin, Hasret Tiraz Hungary-Tamara Vadas, Virag Arany, Huba Ratkoczi Poland - Sylwia Bocian, Patrycja Wlecha, Patryk Lu-kaszuk Slovenia - Tjasa Feher, Mark Berden, Misi Stampah Spain - Antonia Contreras, Patricia Mancilla, Francisco Villalobos, Carlos Rodriguez

Description: Euro Dynamics is an innovative multi-cultural project that aimed to organize 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists. The first performance was in Italy in April, 2013. The show was based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics that introduced pieces of the Euro-pean cultural scene and raised awareness of sustain-ability concepts through arts. The concept has 8 differ-ent value systems (memes) that gave the frame for the show divided in 8 scenes. The performance was carried out by 16 artists representing Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.