EuroDynamics is a platform that makes networking easier for artistsin Europe that are ready to collaborate with other artists from other countries. It collects artists of any kind in one piace where they can connect to each other and start working to-gether. In order to understand how it works we have to go back to the roots. 

EuroDynamics started as an innovative multicultural project that initially gave birth to 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists, several nationalities. The shows were based on the theory of Spirai Dynamics that introduced pieces of the European cultural scene and raised awareness of sustainability concepts through arts.

The project was carried out by the collaboration of 6 cultural associations. All of them did a selection of 6 artists of their country and sent 3-4 of them in one of the 5 other countries. In the end, each organization had 16 foreign artists to work with and prepare together the performance. The performances were based on the Spirai Dynamics theory - applied in sustainability - and its 8 different value systems (memes) that gave the frame for the shows divided in 8 scenes. During the one week long preparation periodi all artists had to go out to the streets, promote and advertise their live performances in their unique, creative and sustainable way.